Why Choose Tuffnuts Canvas Seat Covers?

  • We have Skill & Experience on our Side Tuffnuts Canvas Seat Covers are owned by the Allied Seating Group and a sister company to Ruffnuts. The factory houses a team of dedicated staff with a wealth of knowledge and skills in the heavy duty textile industry in Australia.

  • A Proven Track Record - Backed by 15 years experience, Tuffnuts canvas seat covers are quality assured with a built in 2 Year warranty

  • Made in Australia -  all components of Tuffnuts canvas seat covers are tried, tested and Made in Australia.

  • Customer Focused - Our Canvas Seat Covers are made for all makes and models of vehicles servicing the mining and farming industries of Australia and beyond.  Heavy duty vehicles are our speciality.  With an ongoing relationship with Mining Companies within Australia and based in regional Australia, Tuffnuts remain constantly in touch with their clients, ensuring our customers needs are met and ensuring quality and fast turnaround of their custom canvas seat covers.